Race Introduction


   The Human has excellent leader and General. Their power comes from strict force and discipline. They have strong resistibility because they are good at taking advance of weapons and armors, and absorbing fighting experience.


   They are used to act and live in dark graveyard; they don't have spirit and body shape. But the cost is cheap for recruitment.  At war, the undead army soldiers are weak; they usually fight with enemies in a big team to improve their strength.


   They have combined all the advantages of the nature, like the agility of gentle breeze, like the elegancy of the river, like the strong-ness of the waterfall, like the justice of oak tree. They live in a very ancient way, and get very well along with the nature; they are kind and patient, and very seldom make alliance with other army.


   They are living in wicked environment conditions, such as grassland, desert, swamp and crag. They like live singly, appearing and disappearing mysteriously. They have strong life force.


   They live outmatch other tribes, living an isolated life. Their soil is fertile, abounding with treasures, which is the fighting place of each tribe. They don't like to attack other tribes, but if they were attacked by other tribes, they will give back the fatal counterattacking. 

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