Infrastructure Construction

The place is for entertainment and where to get all kinds of news. The more advanced tavern means the more accurate and more news can be acquired, which is beneficial to marching and adventure. Also the treasure boxes are opened here.
The place is for imprisoning the captured Generals and soldiers. The higher level of the prison means the longer of the time to be imprisoned. Also you can go to the prison to see the list of prisoners
The place is to produce and update Monarch's fighting equipment through smelting and refining the four kinds of precious stones. After entering into the smelter, you can produce all kinds of artifact and Monarch's fighting equipment.
The place is to produce attacking machines (mangonel). After entering into the armuory, you can produce all kinds of attacking machines and equipment. More advanced armouries are required to produce more advanced attacking weapons.
Where the villager lives, one resident building increased means 100 villagers can be accommodated .One unit gold tax can be paid by 10 villagers per day.

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