User Agreement

1.Once the user account was registered successfully, that means the user has understood and accepted all the game rules. After the user account was registered successfully, any disagreement on the game rules will be explained as to give up the accounts automatically.

   2.One server can only register one user account. The game administrator is entitled to terminate or punish the users who betrayed the rules based on the suspected system records or impeach from other users.

   3.Users' account data will be protected and be backup based on the proper application of the game. The administration team of King-war reserves the right to determine how to deal with abnormal situations that possibly cause to the function failure of the game, for example, failure of the internet or server, program mistake or disorder, outer in-break of illegal programs, natural disaster, relevant international policy change. Any lost of user's account data caused from the abnormal situations mentioned above are not in the range of protection.

   4.Any contents which used by the players and open to the public, including accounts of users, names of the Generals or kings, names of castles, names of alliances can't include these kinds of words or expressions that hurt others or betray social morality. Any alliances can't issue contents those are harmful to the minors, those betray the international laws, including sexy pictures and links, once disobeys being detected the user's account will be closed for one to seven days, or accounts be cancelled based on the severities.

   5.For those user accounts which haven't been logged in for 30 days will be cancelled automatically for the purpose of saving server's capacity. For non-VIP, any lost caused from the account cancellation will not be compensated.

   6.Once the program mistake or inefficiency was detected, please report to the program administrator. The reporter will be given a special prize of the game according to the severity of the program. Any user account may be cancelled once the behavior being detected that making use of the program mistake or inefficiency to gain private benefits.

   7.The King-War administration team is reserved to the right to change the rules of the game.

   8.For any questions or queries of the game, you can contact with the game administrators by email or on line support. Feedback will be received within 24 hours.

   9.The membership and coins are Internet Virtual Money, they can't be refund after your purchase.

   10. If you have any dispute in this game, the King-War administration team is reserved to the right to the final explanation and decision.

   11. Anyone who disagrees to the user agreement of this game will be considered as give up his account automatically.

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